PETstock offers $1 million in grants before EOFY

PETstock Assist Grant Program
The everyday heroes of Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR)

In 2018, PETstock’s charity foundation PETstock Assist committed $1 million to animal welfare organisations and projects to be donated by 30 June 2019. 

There’s still approximately $500,000 remaining to help more animals in need and PETstock is encouraging organisations to apply asap. 

The PETstock Assist Grant Program provides the funding organisations need to create long-term change and care for pets and families most in need. 

PETstock Assist charity and events coordinator, Jessica Guilfoyle, said this is the largest donation in the company’s history, allowing the foundation to make its biggest impact yet. “We’re so excited to make a long-term difference and positive change in the lives of pets and families within communities across Australia,” she said. 

Guilfoyle, who has always been passionate about animal welfare, believes the program will help educate and raise awareness of rescue pets, animal health and the impact animals can have on human happiness and health. She says most of the funding will be allocated to local, grassroots organisations. 

“We’re looking to fund organisations that assist with abused, abandoned and neglected pets through rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming initiatives and organisations that support those who require assistance through companion animal projects and disaster assistance,” she says. 

Newest grant recipient Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) is using the money to fund an animal outreach program and help build an animal hospital facility in Hume. This will provide microchipping, vaccinations and de-sexing surgeries free of charge. 

“We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to make a difference to the lives of those in the community who need it most,” SCAR project manager Sarah Kilalea said.

“For these people, pets are often their only companion and they will go without food to ensure their pets are fed. Knowing we can help keep their pets happy, safe and healthy will make a huge impact to their lives and the lives of their pets.” 

To ensure the money makes the most impact for local communities, organisations will be carefully vetted to ensure they are ethical and sustainable in their approach and do not contribute to the subjugation of animals. 

The grants given to each organisation will depend on what is needed to achieve its goals. Interested organisations are encouraged to visit PETstock Assist for further information and to apply before 30 June. 


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