Pre-pay farewells for beloved pets gathering pace

pre-paid pet funeral

A rising number of Australian pet owners are pre-paying for their beloved pet’s farewell costs, according to national home vet visit booking service, Pawssum Mobile Vets, which has begun offering services on the back of a booming demand.

“Saying farewell to a pet, who may have been with your family for a very long time, is incredibly emotional and, with greater financial stress hitting many people on the back of the pandemic, we were getting more and more requests to add a pre-pay option to the home-based euthanasia care we offer,” Pawssum Vets operational manager Kiri Brandli said

“People just don’t want to be in a position where they won’t be able to afford to help their fur baby peacefully cross the rainbow bridge. By planning ahead and pre-paying, they will have peace of mind that they are able to give their pet the farewell they deserve, when the sad time arrives.”

Pawssum’s pre-paid end-of-life service includes compassionate at-home euthanasia by an experienced veterinarian and supportive aftercare services, including the return of a pet’s ashes to the owner’s home.


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