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Scalibor-pack-with-collar_PPWith Australia’s peak paralysis tick and flea seasons now underway, Australian vets are being urged to help dog and cat owners avoid ‘protection paralysis’, due to confusion or disillusionment about which preventative treatments they should use.

MSD Animal Health, the manufacturer of Scalibor® three month paralysis tick collar for dogs and new Activyl® spot-on flea treatment for dogs and cats, has launched a national media campaign to encourage dog and cat owners to speak to their local vet about the most appropriate preventative treatments for their pet, based on their home environment and lifestyle factors.

The campaign is being spearheaded by well-known media veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren and Senior Registrar in Small Animal Medicine at SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital, Sydney), Dr Justin Wimpole. Like many local vets, Justin sees the grim reality of pet owners not protecting their dogs and cats from fleas and paralysis ticks too frequently. “At SASH I commonly see the devastating effects of tick paralysis. Many pet owners don’t realise this serious but preventable condition can cause severe illness and even death. Although most pets recover with good treatment, this can be very involved and vets know that prevention is absolutely better than cure.” Scalibor® is a paralysis tick collar for dogs, that provides powerful, convenient protection for 3 months—the longest-lasting protection from a single treatment available in Australia for paralysis ticks and a major advance in its control.1 This means Australian dog owners only have to replace their dog’s Scalibor® paralysis tick collar three times during the paralysis tick season.1 Activyl® is a new spot-on flea treatment suitable for dogs and cats, providing an optimum level of protection when used all year round by combining efficacy against fleas and gentleness* on dogs and cats. Activyl® works in a different way to conventional flea products, through ‘bioactivation’. This means it only ‘switches on’ and becomes fully active once inside the flea, to deliver full flea-killing power for a month, breaking the flea life cycle.2,3

MSD Animal Health offers a range of flea and tick educational training tools to veterinary clinic staff including online modules, printed material and in clinic training presented by MSD sales representatives. Also available is a package of promotional support material to assist clinics when communicating with pet owners; this includes Activyl® and Scalibor® websites, information brochures, posters, awareness building material and product display units.

For further information or to request material please contact MSD Animal Health Customer Service on 1800 033 461.

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