Profitdiagnostix and ezyVet join forces to help boost the profitability of vet practices

veterinary practice profitability
Photo: Elnur Amikishiyev – 123rf

ezyVet and  Profitdiagnostix have teamed up to help veterinary practices identify the underperforming parts of their businesses. 

Using ezyVet’s modern API, Profitdiagnostixs is able to pull real-time data into its analytical dashboard. Their rich integration produces insightful reports that endorse better decision-making, and anonymised data that can be used for national benchmarking purposes. 

“In veterinary practices, complex processes and poor data tracking leads to missed opportunity,” APL Accountants director Paolo Lencioni said.

“Veterinary practices have a lot of moving parts such as reception, laboratory, pharmacy, hospitalization—and not all performance data can be found in one place. 

“It is super important to stay across metrics including active clients, spending habits and the productivity of your own team,” Lencioni added.

“Integrated and automated reporting is the only way to efficiently measure this over time”. 

The Profitdiagnostix integration allows information from a practice’s ezyVet site and accounting system (e.g. Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, etc.) to drop into one system that will produce meaningful reports, benchmarks and measurements against any product or service target set. The accounting connection is overseen by registered accountants and professionals. 

“Every sustainable business is time-poor,” ezyVet chief financial officer Pete Brown said. 

“This integration automates measurable KPIs in real time, coaching vets and practice managers on how to be commercially shrewd. It will be a significant game changer for practices when it comes to effective delegation, decision-making and people management.”

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