Protech Bronchi-Shield Oral


Protech Bronchi-Shield ®Boehringer Ingelheim is proud to announce the introduction of the first oral vaccine for canine cough.

Protech® Bronchi-Shield® Oral is a live avirulent Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccine licensed for oral administration which has been developed with ease-of-use in mind—simply trickle just 1mL of the vaccine into the dog’s buccal cavity.

It provides 12 months’ protection1 from a single dose and, in a recent clinical study2, the protection shown was equivalent to that induced by an intranasal Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccine, and superior to protection provided by two doses of a killed, subcutaneously administered vaccine.

By stimulating local immunity, protection is provided at the site of infection right where it is needed most. With the confidence of over 11 million doses already sold in the United States, why not try it for yourself?

Bronchi-Shield Oral is also now available in two convenience packs providing comprehensive canine cough and core vaccination protection at a competitive price for your clinic:

Protech C4 + Bronchi-Shield Oral

Protech P2i + Bronchi-Shield Oral.

For more information, contact your local Boehringer Ingelheim territory sales manager or call 1800 038 037.


1  APVMA product label

2  Larson.L.J. et al (2013) A Comparative Study of Protective Immunity Provided by Oral,  Intranasal and Parenteral Canine Bordetella bronchisepticaVaccines.  Intern.J.Appl.Res.Vet.Med.  11(3)/153-160.



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