Tools of the trade: QuickVet Coagulation Analyser


QuickVet Coagulation Analyserby Dr Peter MacKenzie-Wood, Willoughby Veterinary Hospital, NSW

The QuickVet Coagulation Analyser measures coagulation
factors, PT and APTT. It does canine fibrinogen and blood
typing for dogs needing a blood transfusion.

What’s good about it?

We only use this machine once every couple of months but
it’s an essential tool to check the coagulation factors. In the
past, we used to send samples off to the lab but sometimes
you need the results straight away. In an emergency situation, such as a snake bite or rat bait poisoning, you need to know
the coagulation factors before you can begin surgery.

Whenever I take a biopsy of the liver or spleen, I want to know that the dog is able to clot its blood okay.

This machine would only be useful in a busy practice that
does a lot of surgery. Everything that can be done with it can
be sent off to the lab and the results returned the next day. It’s also necessary to buy the cartridges in boxes of 10 and they
have to be used before the expiration date. You need to be
doing a reasonable volume of surgery to make it worthwhile.

What’s not so good?

It is not synced with my practice software. I have to print out the results manually and file them, rather than download them.

Where did you get it?

ASAP Laboratory, but this product is now available from Vepa Labs (


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