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The RAD-X DR CX3A Mobile System and CXDI 702C Wireless panel in action at Sydney Zoo.

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The Radincon team have been volunteering at Sydney Zoo for over two years to help them maintain regular animal checks. When they need help, they call and we head to the Zoo with our X-ray equipment in hand to provide our expertise and diagnostic imaging as required. We’re all from medical imaging and animal backgrounds so we love getting involved. As they say, if you love what you do, it’s not work!

This visit we had the RAD-X DR CX3A Mobile System and CXDI 702C Wireless panel in hand. Together, they’re the gold standard in diagnostic imaging. Quick, simple and reliable to use with images captured and displayed in seconds. It’s perfect for our zoo visits as it’s mobile and will integrate with existing X-ray tables.

Let’s Talk About The RAD-X DR CX3A

Image Quality:

Supreme picture quality captured in seconds using Canon high resolution wireless panels and RAD-X highly optimised image processing. We still only use and recommend Canon because they are simply the best available. With a 125mu micron resolution, this unit delivers fantastic image quality with reduced radiation exposure with incredible latitude (forgiveness).

Mobile & Flexible:

The CX3A is as flexible as it is mobile. This means it can be mounted on a stainless-steel trolley with UPS (uninterruptible power supply) so that it can be used in radiology and moved to the operating theatre for intraoperative imaging, saving a great deal of time and improving productivity. It has a commercial wireless access point giving greater panel to DR range, and a full clinical review DICOM monitor. In theatre you will need to bag the panel to protect it. The CX3A has specifically designed ziplock bags for this purpose that can be gas sterilised.



The CX3A is fully integrated system as a Canon CXDI NE Workstation for DR image acquisition, post processing, raw data storage and viewing. With that clinical review, self-calibrating DICOM monitor and RocketPACS for viewing prior studies you don’t have to switch computers, it’s all there with you. Designed to revolutionize productivity in radiology. You go to the animal, it doesn’t have to come to you.

Ongoing support:

Did you know that Radincon is 100% Family owned? For three generations, Radincon has supported every clinic as if it was their own. Through years of experience, we aim to bring clinics and staff up to speed on the use of our equipment and provide ongoing support.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your current X-ray or Ultrasound equipment, the team at Radincon are only too happy to demonstrate the RAD-X CX3A and CXDI 702C Wireless panel or discuss any of the range. We’ll even bring one of our X-ray aprons out for a free trial. Rated the best fitting apron by some of Australia’s toughest clinics, we dare you to try one!

For more information on RAD-X CX3A and our complete range head to: radincon.com.au or call 1300 721 734


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