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AVA conferenceThis year’s AVA conference will be held in Adelaide, with international experts flying in to lead seminars on all aspects of the veterinary profession. The conference will run from May 22-27 at the Adelaide convention centre, but registrations will open in February.

The conference will host the southern hemisphere’s largest trade exhibition, along with exciting seminars, workshops, field trips and social sessions. A whole range of streams will be covered over the week—from acupuncture to welfare.

Keynote speakers are set to include: Professor Darryl Mills, University of Tennessee, on small animals; Dr Lori Bidwell on Equine; Professor David Main, Bristol University, on welfare; Dr Xavier Manteca, Autonomous University of Barcelona, on behaviour; Dr Amanda Donnelly on practice management, and many more.

Attendees will be able to earn up to 28 VetEd points over the full week, with extra points available from post-conference workshops and field trips. One CE point can also be earned by completing a trial paper, that will help the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council to determine appropriate questions for the national veterinary examination.

To register, visit:

Early bird registrations will close April 18.


  1. Is Peter Wellington desperate for votes to want the anti vaccination lobby votes?
    I have 3 horses which have been vaccinated many times and have vaccinated many horses without any problems.
    Can Peter supply us with details of any Post Mortems -were any sick at the time of vaccinations?
    Facts please Peter not suppositions.


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