REM SYSTEMS are excited to announce the two new rotors for the VetScan VS2


stack-rotorsThe Electrolyte Plus allows for cost-effective monitoring of hospitalised patients on fluid therapy, early diagnostic information regarding acid-base status, and recheck examinations for different conditions. Further, the rotor can be used alone or in combination with other rotor profiles based on the clinician’s judgment, clinical signs, and laboratory results.

What’s Different?

Abaxis has 6 full profiles with electrolytes included, but now there is a separate

electrolyte profile for more flexibility. You can run the rotor as a stand-alone profile

or use it as an ‘add-on’ profile to smaller configurations like the Prep Profile II.

Unlike other electrolyte panels that are currently on the market, the EP rotor is

the only profile that includes electrolytes and tCO2.

The Preventive Care Profile Plus (PCPP) is an advanced panel for pre-surgical, general health, ill patient, geriatric, and wellness testing that includes full electrolyte values and early information regarding acid-base status. PCPP is the most complete profile ever introduced by Abaxis! There are 15 tests available in this single new profile.

The PCPP is the only profile that includes all electrolytes in one profile (Na+, K+, and Cl-) in addition to your main chemistries. It also includes AST, an important indicator

when monitoring liver activity and tCO2 for acid-base information.


50Watt Lasers are cordless, ultra-portable super pulsed therapy systems setting new standards for veterinary wound healing, pain relief and reduction of inflammation. Super pulsed Lasers delivers light energy photons deep into tissues, repairing at the cellular level. Practitioners are now maximising photophysical and photochemical benefits without overheating tissues. True super pulsed Lasers operate at nanosecond speeds, safely and effectively delivering photons deeply into muscles, ligaments, tendons and fractures without risk to patients.

Multi Radiance Laser Systems use high peak power pulses, yet still are cleared 1M by FDA, equivalent to over-the-counter safe. Take anywhere, use anywhere solutions for advanced animal healthcare!

Peer-reviewed published research confirms they deliver more energy through collagen, deeper into tissues than Class IV, IIIb, or gate pulsed/modulated Lasers, keeping surface temperatures at completely comfortable levels.

Multi Radiance’s proprietary multi-source technology successfully manipulates interactions between visible red light 660nm, broadband infrared 875nm, Laser 905nm, static magnetics and frequencies, achieving the best therapeutic results in targeted tissues. Plus, intense 470nm blue wavelength for infection to provide the most optimally safe laser therapy Systems available anywhere.

Multi Radiance Laser therapy has hundreds of applications benefitting veterinary practices—from fast pain relief to effective arthritis treatments, accelerating wound healing, post-operative results, not to mention the proven highly effective blue wavelengths to combat drug resistant microbes. Vets appreciate Multi Radiance’s evidence-based science, and clients love the outcomes with their happier, healthier pets. Excellent for pre and post events for all competitor athletes including equine and agility dogs, it’s the official Laser of the USEF, ISELP, DVG, USDAA, professional sports teams and used in dozens of the top veterinary schools.


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