Research reveals influence of our dogs on holidays and other lifestyle choices

dogs lifestyle choices

With the spring school holidays now in full swing, new research has revealed a growing trend of dogs joining their owners on family holidays including in hotels, on planes and camping sites around Australia.

The research by animal health company Elanco shows that almost half of all dog owners take their dog on holiday more than once a year, and that men and younger people are more likely to travel with their ‘furry family member’.

The research also exposes the surprising influence that dogs have on our lifestyle choices, including their impact on a range of purchasing decisions such as where we live, the clothes we wear and cars we drive:

  • 47 per cent of dog owners say their dog impacts their choice of holiday destination;
  • 46 per cent say their dog impacts where they choose to live (the location and type of home); and
  • 20 per cent say their dog impacts the clothes they buy, the furniture they choose for their home and their choice of car.

“This research reinforces how much we love our dogs and just how big a part of our lives they are, particularly for younger people,” Elanco technical veterinary manager Dr Claude Stanislaus said.

“It’s great to see that so many people are taking their dog away with them on holidays. Dogs make excellent travel companions—they love exploring new places, they don’t ask if they are ‘there yet’ and they don’t complain if their expectations aren’t met!”


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