Study reveals most shoppers want fashion industry to prioritise animal welfare

animal cruelty in fashion
Photo: jagcz 123RF

Millions of animals suffer, are mutilated or die every year for fashion items made of fur, leather and wool. Yet, new research commissioned by global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS has revealed there is strong demand for more kindness to animals in our wardrobes. 

A YouGov poll of almost 14,000 participants across 12 countries including Australia found that nearly two thirds of adults are aware of animal cruelty in the fashion industry and since COVID-19, almost another third are now either seeking products with high animal welfare credentials or avoiding animal-based products all together.

According to FOUR PAWS new research, every third adult chooses one fashion brand over another if they prioritise animal welfare. Overall awareness levels of animal cruelty in fashion are constantly rising.  

Globally, nine out of 10 people want companies to make animal protection a key priority alongside environmental protection and social standards.

“The survey results show consumers increasingly expect brands to ensure the welfare of the animals used within their supply chains,” FOUR PAWS ‘Animal Welfare in Fashion’ expert Jessica Medcalf said. 

“Brands acting in this way are more likely to resonate well with consumers. Though the results are encouraging we need more people to be aware of animal cruelty when buying textiles, more transparency within animal supply chains—and to achieve good animal welfare outcomes, a reduction in the use of animal-derived materials overall.” 


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