RSPCA NSW outlines bushfire relief and recovery plan

RSPCA NSW bushfire relief and recovery plan

RSPCA NSW is providing relief and recovery assistance to animals that have been impacted by Australia’s bushfire crisis.

“We are here to give support to those animals and owners whose lives, homes and futures have changed beyond measure as a result of this disaster,” RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman said.

“The response from the local and international community has been overwhelming, and we are so grateful. With your support, our teams are working on the ground at emergency evacuation points providing urgent veterinary care and aid to impacted wildlife, companion animals and livestock. 

“Inspectors are dispatched in locations across the state knocking on doors, conducting welfare checks and performing rescues,” Coleman added.

“We have teams distributing essentials such as pet food, medication and animal care supplies. Our plan is to continue to provide this support throughout the coming months as communities begin to rebuild.”

RSPCA NSW is committed to ensuring the $4 million in financial donations raised through their bushfire appeal has a meaningful impact for all animals.

As part of the ongoing commitment to address this crisis, RSPCA NSW’s four-point plan outlines the allocation of funds as follows: 

  • Immediate response in communities: $1.3 million
  • Emergency assistance fund: $1 million
  • Mobile emergency response unit and infrastructure: $1.2 million
  • Wildlife welfare program: $500,000

RSPCA NSW is confident in the short, medium and long-term relief this plan will provide to animals and communities across the state. Now, more than ever, they need the continued financial support of the Australian and international community to increase the level of assistance they are able to provide.


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