interpreting dental radiographs

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Nearly 8 out of 10 dogs and cats seen by veterinarians need dental care, yet a much smaller percentage receive it. And because at least 60% of a patient’s tooth lies below the gum line, intraoral radiographs are essential to proper evaluation and treatment of dental disease.

Take the guesswork out of interpreting dental radiographs.

SignalSMILE by SignalPET ushers in a new wave of AI-powered dentistry diagnostics in veterinary medicine.

Powered by artificial intelligence and patented machine learning, thousands of clinicians across the world are now instantly supported by the most advanced diagnostic technology available to veterinarians.

SignalSMILE’s patented AI detects abnormalities for the 7 most common dental pathologies and aids point-of-care decision-making.

  • Furcation Bone Loss
  • Periapical Lucency
  • Resorptive Lesion
  • Retained Root
  • Severete Attachment Loss
  • Significant Tooth with Pathology
  • Tooth Fracture

SignalSMILE receives images via DICOM.

interpreting dental radiographs

SignalSMILE utilises the DICOM® protocol, resulting in seamless, autonomous integration. A DICOM® Send license is required for Vet-Exam plus. If you do not already have this license, please contact the team at iM3.

Patient radiographs are stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time, on any device through SignalSMILE.

Engage clients with shareable, easy-to-read radiology reports.

When a client is expecting a simple dental cleaning but gets a bill for multiple extractions, there can be a communication gap that may lead to client dissatisfaction.

Enter SignalSMILE reports. The days of typing up assessments and findings are over. SignalSMILE automatically generates a shareable report for point-of-care review that guides client communication and increases compliance and satisfaction.

SignalSMILE supports more than just great dentistry. The business advantages are clear.

CONSISTENT FINDINGS: Reduce tunnel vision, AI never gets tired.

INCREASED ACCURACY: AI is more accurate than the human eye and is trained to work even with films with high artifact.

INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Results arrive in 10 minutes or less, providing clients more accurate answers, faster.

INCREASED RADIOLOGY: More confident vets recommend more radiology, leading to increased revenue.

REDUCTION IN CONSULTS: The need for pricey consults is mitigated by the use of SignalPET’s AI as a support in reading rads.

LOWER COST FOR STUDY: Clients pay less for accurate results.

For more information about SignalSMILE and how it can be implemented in your clinic, call us on 02 9420 5766 or email [email protected]. Check our website on how we can help –

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