Tara Tables: the ideal surgical companion

veterinary surgery dental table

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The iM3 range of dental tables and accessories are ergonomically designed for veterinarians and manufactured in Europe with the highest quality materials, to ensure they are built to last and easy to clean.

iM3 Tara Table

The stainless-steel V top table is driven by 4 low voltage motors and is designed to be as a silent as possible. Besides allowing the table to be used as a surgery table, using a V top table for dentistry makes it easier to turn the animal over and gives better positioning and comfort for the animal.

The table top dimensions are 160 x 60 cm (including dental tray) with an optional 30cm extension available, either for larger animals, or as a convenient place for monitoring equipment or surgical instruments.

The Tara table is designed to be stable and ergonomic, while still allowing mobility with heavy duty, retractable wheels. This also allows for ease of access when cleaning.

An optional inbuilt warming system is also available for the iM3 Tara Table. Infra red heats the warming plates which transfers heat evenly across the surface of the table with no hot spots.

veterinary surgery dental table
The iM3 Tara Table in action at Busselton Veterinary Hospital.

iM3 Shona Table

The iM3 Shona requires no plumbing, and is ergonomically designed with all the quality and reliability you expect from iM3.

With a motorised lifting column, wired hand control and a safe workload capacity of 150kg, this versatile table is perfect to use for dental or surgical procedures and can double as a consult table.

iM3 Dental Tray

The Dental tray is suitable to use with either the iM3 Shona or iM3 Tara Table, and provides extra space while allowing liquids to easily drain away, keeping your patients clean and dry during dental procedures.

The Dental Tray has a curved design which gives greater comfort for the veterinary staff than the traditional ‘square’ tray. Using a grid that goes all the way to the edge of the tray rather than a mesh or holes to allow for more effective draining of liquids no matter what part of the tray you like to work at.

The Dental tray is made from electro-polished stainless-steel which is almost inert, increasing resistance to oxidisation. Removing the tray for draining and cleaning could not be easier. The tray detaches and reattaches with ease and yet remains amazingly stable when attached.

I cannot tell you how delighted we are with our 2 Tara tables! Originally it was 1 table for our new dental area but the design convinced us we needed a second in our surgical suite. The ease of use, ergonomics they provide us during surgery and the wonderful warmth they generate keep our patients, nurses and vets all very happy. I cannot imagine going back to our old static dental table now.

Dr Richard Lucas, Busselton Veterinary Hospital


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