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Emily Clark blames her aunty for her teacup obsession.

Shape, pattern, colour and origin are all to be considered before Emily Clark VN of the East West Veterinary Group in Bentleigh, VIC, adds another teacup to her collection.

“When enjoying a cup of tea, I like to use a beautiful teacup from my collection. It makes me feel special and I’m sure the tea tastes better. Sometimes, if I’m feeling magnanimous, I’ll make a hot chocolate in a special teacup for my boyfriend. Of course, the teacup has to be thoroughly cleaned afterwards. When friends pop in for a cup of tea, I refrain from breaking out the good cups. They just have to make do with what’s on hand.

“An aunty is to blame for my teacup obsession. One Christmas when I was still in high school, she bought me a beautiful teacup and saucer. I hadn’t even thought about them at that point and didn’t really drink tea. Every Christmas from then on, she bought me another teacup and I started to really like them.

“I don’t like joke cups, wacky cups or weird shapes. My taste runs to classic designs and I’m very selective. Royal Albert produces beautiful teacups and I love their floral motifs. I prefer my teacups to have base colours of aqua, pink, white or blue.

“I’ve been seriously collecting for about two years now and have 30 teacups in my collection. It’s not a cheap hobby with some teacups costing $300 for a single cup. The original cups given to me by my aunty are Wedgwood and after a little online searching, I discovered they’re now worth about $500 each. I also own quite a few cheap cups that just appealed to me. I live with my parents and keep them all in a small display cabinet. When I move out, I’m looking forward to really displaying them all properly. 

“The moment I buy a new teacup and possess it, I get a real feeling of joy. Then I want to investigate the design and see if there’s any more in that collection. Royal Albert produced the ‘100 Years’ collection that features a different teacup from every decade. I’d like to get that full set. The funny thing is, I couldn’t care less about teapots. They mean nothing to me.

“I love the look of a beautiful teacup. If I have tea out of one of my special cups, it really relaxes me. Before work, I’ll just have a cup of tea out of any old cup. When I get home, particularly after a long, hard day, tea served in one of my special cups is how I choose to unwind. It’s just bliss.”


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