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The lifeblood of any business is marketing. You can have the best product, service and people but if it isn’t marketed well it won’t succeed. Veterinary clinics need to have a point of difference otherwise consumers (pet owners) will see the same (or similar) product and just compare on price. 

Of course, in the veterinary world this has restrictions because we also need to comply with veterinary board regulations, antimicrobial stewardship, animal welfare regulations, peer accepted practice, evidence-based medicine, licenced regulations (eg. radiation monitoring and equipment use), etc. In this environment where demand is high for veterinary services, it is an ideal time to change and improve our service model. Whilst a lot of veterinary clinics are turning away new clients because they don’t have capacity to see them under the old style “just book them in” model, it is a great opportunity for savvy business owners to capitalise on this. 

Since working from home (WFH), at least part of the time, seems to be a permanent fixture for most people, it means that a veterinary clinic’s opening hours needn’t be so long, allowing a better lifestyle for all staff (especially those with young children). It has also pushed up demand for services because pet owners WFH are noticing a lot of problems or perceived problems with their pets that they may never have seen during the day whilst they were at work. 

Of course, many of these problems aren’t dire emergencies and can be deferred. The trick is to have skilled triage nurses or receptionists to screen the non-urgent cases. Referral to a triage service like the independently owned Australian company VetCheck 24/7 (powered by Medechat®) can help with this. 

The triage vet nurses are available around the clock to answer the queries of pet owners. Imagine the marketing advantage you would have for your practice if you had a triage service that clients could call for free advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the definition of “Peace of Mind” for pet owners. 

Not only does VetCheck 24/7 act as an extension of your practice, but all the call logs of every phone call received by the triage nurses are emailed to your practice so your staff can follow up with clients later (or the next morning if the call is taken after hours). If advice from a vet is needed, then a video call can be booked by the triage nurse with a VetCheck 24/7 vet anytime day or night. All the SOAP notes from the vet consultation are automatically & immediately emailed back to your practice and you get paid a $15 rebate for every consultation with one of your clients. 

Now your practice can earn income from all those new clients that other practices are turning away, without any work required by your staff. All true emergencies can be referred according to your direction. If you took it a step further and incorporated access to this service as part of a wellness plan that pet owners paid money to subscribe to, it would add enormous value to your practice.

When you would like to know more about the “Peace of Mind” advantage for your practice that VetCheck 24/7 brings, call 1800 225 226 or email

We’ll even help you market the service while your staff can take a break!

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