To see or not to see? What imaging solution is right for you?

AV Choice X-ray system

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The development of diagnostic imaging has changed in the past 30 years, seeing a wider range of equipment available to your patients.  So how do you decide which product or service is best for your imaging requirements? At ATX, we aim to understand your needs and pain points from the get-go! By doing so, it gives us a deeper understanding of your desired outcomes and ensures the solutions we recommend will meet your goals. 

Premium X-Ray Room

Bringing customers a state-of-the-art solution, the AV Choice X-ray system is equipped with an integrated tube stand with variable SID and an anatomically programmed, high frequency generator providing a cost effective and time saving solution for veterinarians who are seeking maximum capability in minimal space.

Key Features include:

  • Integrated tube-stand with variable SID
  • Angulating tube arm 
  • Control console on swing out arm mounts to tube stand
  • Available with stationary, 2-way float or 4-way float table-top

“Very happy with our AV Choice Table and DR system from ATX.  Excellent service, support and value for money”
David Skilling – Toreenbeek Vet Clinic

Dental Radiography

Knowledge gained from dental radiographs better informs clinicians recommendations for treatment plan and diagnosis. This ensures the correct dental procedures are applied and minimises any complications that may surface down the line. The Apixia dental radiography systems offer customers the flexibility of using phosphor plates for flexibility and patient comfort that is combined with the immediacy of digital radiography. Additionally, the Digirex Digital sensor offers high image resolution, smooth and rounded sensor corners and durable cable design.

Equus CT Table

Mostly targeted at Equine Vets and for large patients the Equus CT table manufactured in Australia and distributed throughout the globe has a weight bearing capacity of up to 963 kgs. The table automatically synchronises with the movement of the couch without any electrical or mechanical interfacing making it easy to operate with any CT system. Our most recent export was to Colorado State University and another being prepared for export across the Tasman to New Zealand. 

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

Imaging technology that helps in the transmission of studies to other users or locations. ITX PACS offers customers cloud based storage so you can easily access, edit or share your studies with other referrals.  

Why is this important? Storing images on your hardware can slow things down, backing up to external hard-drives often requires manual work and does not always back up the data. Having this facility gives users access to all their studies anytime, anywhere and on any device.

We now have a direct digital imaging system that produces extremely high-quality images. ATX’s support is superb they can log onto our machine and provide instructions on how to use the software and assist with technique. The image quality is impressive and the vets are eager to take X-rays.
Steve Reid – Emergency Vet Hospital.

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