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fluid pump

by Jordan Stephenson VT, St Vincents Vets, Virginia, QLD

This is a fluid pump we use to help administer vital fluids to our hospital and surgery patients. It maintains good blood pressure throughout surgery and helps provide hydration to patients who are fasting prior to surgery. Post-op, it aids with the removal of anaesthetic gases from the liver and kidneys, helping the patient to recover well.

What’s good about it

It’s very easy to use and operate. You just enter the fluid rate and it calculates how many drops per second to administer. You literally just need to set how many millilitres you want per hour and it works everything out. The display is large, bright and easy to read. It displays how much fluid has gone into the patient and the current millilitre rate per hour. It’s also possible to set a limit on the amount of fluid to enter the patient. 

It alarms if something goes wrong. If there’s an occlusion or a dog lies on a fluid line, it lets you know immediately. It alarms if it detects too much air in the line. There’s also an alarm when approaching the amount of fluid to be administered and when the bag is nearly empty.

I’ve been using it since I started my vet tech degree—about four years. It’s been very reliable during this time. We’ve never had any problems with it.

What’s not so good

There are times it will alarm for no reason. I’ll check the line multiple times but there’s no air and it’s not occluded. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Where did you get it

Woo Young Medical


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