Tools of the trade: Antinol Rapid for Dogs


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supplement to ease canine joint pain

by Jordan West VN, Casula Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Antinol Rapid is a supplement that’s used for joint pain and arthritis. It can also be used for skin issues as it promotes healthy skin and a healthy coat. There’s now an Antinol Rapid for Cats that uses the same ingredients—green-lipped mussel oil, Omega 3s, and fatty acids—in a different concentration.

What’s good about it

We started using it at our clinic quite a few years ago and have had a great response from dogs and their owners. We’ve had dogs come in that were going to be euthanised because of arthritis. They weren’t able to move around much and weren’t doing well at all. After two weeks on Antinol Rapid, they’re much happier, walking around again, more energetic, and doing the things they used to do. It’s like they’re a completely different dog. 

We recommend it for our patients that have had orthopaedic surgery. The results have been excellent with most clients telling us they’ve seen a positive difference in their dog after surgery.

Antinol Rapid is a supplement, not a prescription medication, but it’s only available at veterinary practices and online. It’s safe to use and doesn’t have any side effects. If an older patient has kidney or liver issues, it’s still fine to use with them. Dosage is figured out by weight. Initially, the dog is double dosed for two weeks, then reduced to single dosing for maintenance. It’s very affordable and a smaller dog would only cost a dollar or two a day.

What’s not so good

While Antinol Rapid is not that expensive, if you are using it with a very large dog, the outlay would add up over time.

Where did you get it



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