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truck canopy

by Dr Ray Barnett, Clarence Valley Veterinary Clinic, Grafton, NSW

I used to work out of a station wagon but it was difficult to access all the material in the back section. Having a self-contained work area on the back of the truck that’s accessible by three doors is a vast improvement.

What’s good about it

The main thing I like about this canopy is that it has central locking. When I lock the truck, all the doors in the back lock, rather than using a key on each door, one by one. The three doors make it easy to access all areas of the back section. As it’s self-contained, if I’m carrying smelly ropes or whatever, I’m not bothered by it when driving.

The back section contains a dog pen and two big drawers custom-made by AWL. The windows in the back open so there’s plenty of ventilation when carrying a dog. AWL also put in the long drawer that pulls out from the back of the vehicle. I keep all my bits and pieces for horse and cattle work in there. When the metal lid is pulled down, it doubles as a table at a perfect height for examining a dog.

AWL designed, configured and built the canopy and everything in the back of the truck. I’m out on the road every other day and having everything stored and ready to go in such an efficient manner makes life much easier.

What’s not so good

AWL is located on the Gold Coast so that could be a problem if you don’t live nearby. The drawer that slides out to become a table can get jammed if something moves around and pushes up against the lid when you’re driving.

Where did you get it

AWL Canopies


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