Tools of the trade: Beautiful II dental composite by Shofu Inc


FernsideComboBeautiful II dental composite by Shofu Inc

by Dr Kathy Fearnside, Normanhurst Vet Practice, Normanhurst, NSW

Fractured beaks can be difficult cases to manage due to the strong kinetic force applied every time the bird tries to crack a seed or nut. I recently treated a galah with a large fracture of the gnathotheca (lower beak). It was not a full mandibular symphyseal fracture so the germinal tissue was not damaged and the prognosis for healing was favourable. The fracture was stabilised using cerclage wires. It was then reinforced by encasing the fracture and cerclage wires on both the outer and lingual surfaces with UV-cured dental composite. Our neighbouring business is a dentist and he supplied the dental composite.

What’s good about it?

UV-cured dental composite is exactly as the name describes and hence it hardens within a matter of seconds once the UV light is applied. Our dentist neighbour also supplied the bond/primer and the UV light source. The technique is simple: apply the primer/bond liquid and mould the soft composite over the area required. Once you have achieved the required shape then cure the composite using the handheld UV light in less than 10 seconds. It is extremely strong and withstands the forces of the beak (like a normal tooth).

The obvious advantages with using the Beautiful II UV-cured composite over dental acrylic are:

1. The rapid hardening

2. No heat involved in the hardening process and hence reducing the risk of thermal damage to the tissue

3. No toxic fumes are produced which is especially important around the face of an anaesthetised bird.

What’s not so good?

The handheld UV light is expensive if you’re not doing much of this kind of work. I purchased a small amount of composite from the dentist but I have to hope he’s working when I need to borrow the UV-curing light.

Where did you get it?

The dentist next door.



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