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cat treatment for paralysis ticks

by Sarah Fardell VN, Wauchope Vets, NSW

Bravecto Spot On For Cats is a product we use at the clinic and also sell to our clients. It provides an effective, long-lasting treatment—I use it on my own cats at home.

What’s good about it

A single dose of Bravecto Spot On For Cats protects cats from fleas, ear mites and paralysis ticks for three months. Its protection against ticks is probably the best on the market. Other products require a much more frequent application for them to be effective. Whenever we see a cat with a tick problem, we dose them with Bravecto before sending them home. Tick prevention in cats is pretty tricky. The main ingredient that’s used with dogs is toxic to the cats. Bravecto has done plenty of research and shown that it’s effective at controlling ticks for up to three months.

It’s easy to apply—just a spot on the back of the neck so it’s absorbed topically. It’s important to position it right at the back of the cat’s neck so it doesn’t lick it off when grooming. You can usually see the residue on the back of their neck for about two days before it fully soaks in.

Our client feedback has been very positive. People prefer it to trying to make their cat eat a tablet. A lot of the cats that come in with ticks have a flea collar which means they’re not very effective. The big advantage of Bravecto is that it costs a client way less to put their cat on preventatives than to treat it if gets a tick.

What’s not so good

This product can’t be used until a cat is nine weeks of age and weighs at least 1.2 kilos.

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