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by Dr Annie Tao, The Corner Vet, Melbourne, VIC

Churu makes moist cat treats that most cats find irresistible. We don’t sell the product to our clients but I use it in consultations to help calm and distract my cat patients. 

What’s good about it

Using Churu cat treats creates a better, more positive patient experience. I’ve even used it with fussy dogs that like wet food. It comes in a variety of flavours including chicken, fish, seafood and cheese. It’s a tasty, palatable treat. It certainly makes cats feel more relaxed and is a great distraction when we’re giving injections, changing bandages or taking blood. 

As it’s a wet treat, it can be placed on a finger, on the table or on a Lickimat. We also put it on disposable tongue depressors. Once the patient is done, we just throw it away.

Some cats are finicky but it’s extremely rare to find one that doesn’t like this treat. Most dogs enjoy it too, particularly the ones that aren’t interested in hard treats. Being fatty, stinky and tasty makes it very popular.

When they’re busy with the treat food, the animals are amenable to all types of procedures. Recently, I was seeing a little puppy that just gobbled it up while I gave him his vaccination. He was totally focused on the tasty food. Another patient needs a weekly bandage change and Churu is the one thing that keeps him still.

What’s not so good

The product is rather messy and stinky, especially the seafood varieties. You need to be careful where you’re putting it out as it’s annoying if the patient steps in it. It’s quite a fatty food as it’s a treat, not a balanced meal. It’s for special occasions, such as coming to the vet. 

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