Tools of the trade: Dr Larson’s Aural Haematoma Tube


aural haematoma tubeby Dr Peta Gay Railton, Pet Medical, Milsons Point, NSW

This small flexible tube can be used with cats and dogs suffering from an aural haematoma. It allows for continuous drainage, is cost-effective and works well.

What’s good about it

Aural haematomas often occur when a dog has an itchy ear and keeps scratching it. It is often managed by suturing drainage and suture repair using a Buster pad, buttons or drip line under general anaesthesia.

Using one of Dr Larson’s tubes lets the ear drain quickly without the need to anaesthetise the animal. You just administer a little local anaesthetic, make a small incision in the distal medial surface of the ear, allow it to drain and place the cannula. By popping in one of these tubes, the ear will continue to drain while it heals. The tube has two flexible fingers that hold it in place after insertion. It takes about three weeks to heal.

I like this product as it is cheap, fast and very effective. Placing Buster pads or buttons is quite big surgery and relatively expensive. I also believe that the tube is much more comfortable for the dog.

What’s not so good

It’s messy. If the client owns an indoor dog then it’s probably not ideal for them as there will be continual discharge as it heals. In some cases I’ve fastened a stocking net with a pad over the head of the dog. I also make the dog wear an E-collar to stop it scratching the ear and removing the tube. I prefer the Buster donut collars as the plastic E-collars can get quite messy and need wiping out regularly.

Where did you get it

Pacific Vet

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  1. How would you or do you remove these tubes/drains afterwards, given the tags/wings to prevent from slipping???


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