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by Renee Stead VN, Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Newcomb, VIC

Employment Hero is business management software available under subscription. It’s a cloud-based system that combines HR, payroll and recruitment into one platform.

What’s good about it

I organise the nurse rostering for our business and it’s a big job. It takes place across six clinics with over 75 nurses and receptionists. In the past, this involved creating Excel templates and uploading them individually to our software program. 

The rostering that is part of Employment Hero is simple, efficient and works smoothly. It allows us to see when people are on leave in real time. If I need to fill a role, it suggests a list of staff who are available. It can be tailored so I can search for certified nurses to fill one role or receptionists to fill another role.

There’s an app that comes with the system so staff can check the roster on their phone. The app also sends email notifications for new shifts or shift changes. Staff can also use the app to apply for leave, send their daily time sheets and view their payslips.

Our HR manager organises the rosters for the vets and she’s very happy with the system. We can also see what each other is doing to ensure all the teams are balanced before we publish.

When we get new staff, they go through the induction process on Employment Hero. It tracks their progress while creating no paperwork. Employment Hero is a huge benefit to large businesses with multiple sites. Smaller businesses can use it to streamline induction and HR files.

What’s not so good

I’ve wanted weekly time sheets for a while and it’s coming soon with a scheduled upgrade. Facial and finger scanning is also going to be added for automated timesheets. While there are a few shortcomings with the system, I’ve found that most of the problems are addressed when they release an upgrade.

Where did you get it

Employment Hero


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