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by Dr Nicole Quinn, Maclean Veterinary Clinic, NSW

Freestyle Libre 2 has a sensor that’s placed on the skin of the animal to detect interstitial glucose levels in diabetic patients. It’s an easy way to monitor a patient so their sugar levels don’t drop too low and to monitor insulin control.

What’s good about it

It’s a much better method than the glucose curves that are used in-house. The stress of the clinic would often result in stress hyperglycemia if the dog was anxious. The sensor, on the other hand, stays in place for two weeks and we get a fortnight’s worth of monitoring. Clients scan in the information with their smart phone and send it all to us.

The results graph what the patient’s blood sugar levels are doing throughout the day. Clients have access to the app and receive notifications of exactly what’s happening. This reveals any trends that are taking place. If the blood sugar is too low or high, it sends me an alarm.

When a patient is newly diabetic, it’s useful to confirm the correct insulin dose is being given and that the patient is not staying too high or low. It gives us a better chance to stop ongoing hypo episodes. It doesn’t match with blood glucose levels, due to the testing being of interstitial levels, but they are closely correlated and shows trends over the fortnight which is most useful for interpretation

The sensor is easy to attach. The chosen area is shaved, and I put on a bit of metho to dry out the skin. The sensor is then just put in place.

What’s not so good

You need to be careful with the placement of the sensor. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of glue to ensure it doesn’t fall off. If it does fall off during the two-week period, you’re not going to get any results and the client will have to pay for another sensor.

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