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healing skin cream

by Dr Beth Moore, Secret Harbour Veterinary Clinic, WA

This skin cream is good for burns, cuts, lesions and hotspots. Instead of reaching for a topical antibiotic product, I often use Healing Herbs skin cream with its antimicrobial properties.

What’s good about it

This healing ointment contains organic and natural ingredients including goldenseal, calendula flowers, chickweed, aloe vera and vitamin E. In the past, I would treat the majority of skin lesions with an antibiotic cream. This meant I was using antibiotic cream when it wasn’t really needed. As an industry, we need to do a better job in regard to antibiotic resistance. This product promotes healthy healing with its antibacterial properties.

It’s an across-the-counter product, suitable for humans and animals. I used it with my dog after she was involved in a horrendous car accident. She went through eight weeks of healing and the results were remarkable. If an animal is showing a little bit of red at a suture site after a spaying, I reach for this cream.

All vets are regularly bitten and scratched by their patients. We need to take good care of those wounds and this skin cream really helps.  As vets, we simply can’t be taking antibiotics all the time so this is an effective alternative.

Generally, I think vets have a bit of resistance to natural products. Medicinal honey was used for thousands of years but many vets wouldn’t consider it until there was medical-grade commercial honey available. I really believe that mindset needs to change.

What’s not so good

I wish it came in a big tub for in-hospital use rather than just small commercial jars. Dogs and cats like the taste of the cream so they will lick it off. I often tell clients that after they apply it, their pet should wear the ‘cone of shame’ for 20 minutes while it soaks in.

Where did you get it

Healing Herbs

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