Tools of the trade: iCare TONOVET


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by Dr Tanya Soo, Cammeray Vet, NSW

What’s good about it

Most animals tolerate this unit very well. It’s not bulky and it doesn’t make any loud noises that would startle the patient. It’s also quick and easy to use.

You need to get very close to the cornea and the animal’s head must be relatively still. There’s no need for anaesthetic as most animals stay relaxed during the procedure. The probe bouncing on the cornea is very gentle. You can either choose to take a single measurement or six at one time which then gives you an average of all the readings. The probes are also disposable.

The main thing I’m looking for is an increase in intraocular pressure which can cause vision loss and glaucoma. If we can detect and treat an increase in IOP early, and address the underlying causes, we can prevent permanent damage and eye loss.

It’s a really well-designed handheld unit, it’s easy to use, easy to move between surgeries, and gives quick accurate results.

What’s not so good

If an animal is moving around and the head isn’t completely still, it makes things a little difficult.

Where did you get it

Sound Veterinary Equipment

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