Tools of the trade: IM3 Dental Unit Elite


im3_eliteby Dr Storm Gifford, Girraween Veterinary Hospital, Howard Springs, NT

I’ve been using IM3 units for dental work on dogs and cats for the past three years. My old clinic had an earlier model and we purchased this one in February this year.

What’s good about it

You can use the Elite to do everything from a general scale and polish to an extraction—it’s the animal equivalent to a human dentist’s chair.

It’s completely self-contained with the compressor, air, water, dental tools and everything needed to run the equipment all in the one unit.

The whole thing is on wheels so it can be moved out of the way or to another room. We keep it in our dirty surgery/wet prep area but it can be easily moved to anywhere that it’s needed.

I’ve only ever used it on dogs and cats but it can be used for dental work on other animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and exotic pets. The practice would simply need to purchase some animal specific tools.

IM3 are a very accessible company. You can call them any time and they’ll talk you through any problems you’re having. A rep came out and gave us training on how to operate the machine when we first purchased it. So far, we haven’t had any problems.

What’s not so good

There’s only one thing and it’s more of an annoyance than a real problem. Every instrument has a cord attached to it and if you’re messy like me, the cords can sometimes get in the way. If everything could be made wireless and rechargeable, that would be awesome.

Where did you get it



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