Tools of the trade: IM3 Elite dental unit

dental unit

by Dr Michael Warner, Kingston Veterinary Clinic, SA

We purchased the Elite dental unit a couple of years ago. The unit allows us to undertake more thorough and extensive dental procedures which has, in turn, led us to doing more dentals.

What’s good about it

Prior to owning the Elite, we were using what was essentially a handheld tooth scaler and the process was quite slow. The ultrasonic scaler is much faster and does a better job. The unit also gives us the ability to polish teeth and to ascertain if any teeth need to be removed. If a large molar needs to be extracted, it can be split with the high-speed drill and gently removed.

The staff like that all the facilities are incorporated into one unit. It’s actually perfect for our purposes and has been a very reliable machine for the six years that we’ve owned it.

The Elite produces excellent results and we encourage clients to be aware of the state of their pet’s teeth. I believe that a check-up every year or so would be a good thing, particularly with adult dogs.

What’s not so good

It’s a very reliable unit but the tooth scaler has to be changed from time to time as it does wear out. You also have to use a bit of oil on the handpieces just to keep them lubricated. It’s also important to be careful with the cutting tools and not put too much pressure on them. Overall, it’s a versatile and useful machine but you need to stay on top of the maintenance.

Where did you get it



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