Tools of the trade: IM3 Elite

veterinary dental unit

By Bronwyn Barker VN, Eastwood Vets, Ballarat, VIC

When I started nursing 30 years ago, dentals were done using archaic hand scalers and a few basic hand-held instruments. The IM3 Elite has an air compressor, high and low speed drills, suction, air-water syringe, and an ultrasonic scaler, all at your fingertips.

What’s good about it

This unit takes dentals to a whole new level. It’s actually very similar to those used by dentists for human patients. It saves time right across the board, but particularly when undertaking more involved procedures like extractions. 

We had been actively promoting dentals for some time and needed to ensure we could keep up with the demand. All nursing and veterinary staff were trained on how to use the Elite and those who were keen had an opportunity to undertake more specialised training. The upshot is that we can perform more dentals than ever before.

As a procedure can be completed faster and more efficiently with the Elite, the animal is under anaesthetic for a shorter time. This is another huge advantage.

We have owned the unit for four years and it’s been very reliable. The maintenance for the machine is very easy—a good clean and oil when you’re done and that’s pretty much it. 

What’s not so good

I really haven’t anything negative to say. 

Where did you get it



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