Tools of the trade: JCHICI Wireless HDMI 4K Transmitter and Receiver, 5G Streaming Media


by Dr Paul Kershaw, Anzac Parade Veterinary Hospital, Kingsford, NSW

This HDMI transmitter and receiver allows for wireless local transmission of images, video and audio within a premises. The signal can pass through multiple walls and floors without loss of image quality.

What’s good about it

We use it to share DR images from our workstation to consult rooms and treatment room. It can be used to distribute all types of images or video whether that’s rosters, pathology, workflow or waiting room promotional items.

This was a relatively inexpensive item but it works. Often, things this cheap have a hidden weak spot or don’t last and we purchased it with low expectations. I’m happy to say we have been proven wrong.

Transmission is 4K quality using the 5GHz band. It’s high speed with a decent range and no frame drop or loss of audio or video synchronisation. Our unit states it has a transmission distance of up to 50 metres with a clear line of sight. We are successfully transmitting through four brick walls at over 10 metres of distance.

There is no need for a technical expert to install the unit; it’s simply plug and play. Being wireless, I love the fact that there is no crawling around laying cables. It’s a great system for clinics and hospitals that retrofit image systems.

It needs an HDMI output on the source and an input on the display unit. Both the transmitter and receiver are powered by a five-volt USB.

What’s not so good

The receiver is a bit bulky but we managed to tuck it behind our 17-inch monitor display. It is powered from the display USB output.

Where did you get it

Amazon. Specific item can be found at:

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