Tools of the trade: Karl Storz TELE PACK VET X LED System

endoscopy system

by Dr Shane Simpson, Karingal Vet Hospital, Frankston, VIC

Traditional endoscopy equipment requires an endoscope tower containing a screen, video equipment, light source, and the individual instruments. The tower is quite bulky and can be difficult to move around. The Tele Pack system combines everything in one small unit that’s about the size of a smallish microwave oven.

What’s good about it

The big advantage of this system is that everything is at your fingertips. The whole system is contained in a case that can be picked up and carried around. It’s about a 10th of the size of some other endoscopy systems. It also comes with a steel outer case that can be used if you wish to take it out into the field. We have our system sitting on a bench, set up and ready to go. All we have to do is hit the power button.

The most important thing with any endoscopy system is cleaning and sterilising thoroughly after use. Karl Storz offers after-sales training that teaches staff how to effectively look after the equipment.

The image quality of it is fantastic. There’s a range of different endoscopes manufactured by Karl Storz and they’re all interchangeable. It records everything on a USB and we can show clients the images. The light source is very bright and as it’s a cold source, the surrounding tissue is not heated. It’s a really well-built piece of equipment.

What’s not so good

Anyone using the system needs to be careful with the equipment and everything must be cleaned after use. However, that’s true of any endoscopy system.

Where did you get it

Karl Storz


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