Tools of the trade: MAVIC Canine Vaginal Insemination Catheter


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by Dr Liz Bramley, Cooinda Vet Hospital, Marulan, NSW

We have a number of dog breeders who visit our clinic for reproductive services including artificial insemination. Vaginal AI is commonly performed in breeds such as bulldogs and French bulldogs or if the owner would like to mate a smaller breed male to a larger breed female. We have started using the MAVIC insemination catheter for vaginal AI using fresh semen. The catheter is suitable for use with any breed of dog with several sizes available.

What’s good about it

The catheter is simple to use, especially for a newbie like me. Depending on the size of dog, the small, medium or large catheter can be used. It’s fairly easy to determine how far to insert the catheter into the vagina. Once the catheter is in position, a section of the tube can be inflated like a balloon to hold it in place. The semen is then inserted carefully through the catheter allowing it to be placed as close to the cervix as possible.

I really like this product and have found the success rate for vaginal AI has increased significantly since we started to use this catheter. 

What’s not so good

This item can be autoclaved and used again. Unfortunately, because it’s made of plastic with fine tubing, it deteriorates fairly quickly, particularly the connections at the end where the syringe is attached, and the tubing that helps to inflate the balloon. This then results in the balloon being difficult to inflate. They only have a limited life, and we find ourselves replacing them reasonably regularly.

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