Tools of the trade: MedLED Onyx headlight

headlight with magnifiers

by Dr Brian Garrett, Belmont Veterinary Hospital, NSW

Having reached my late forties, my eyes aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be. Obviously, this is a big problem for surgery. I had relatively cheap loupes for minor procedures but found them troublesome to use. I purchased this headlight/magnifiers set-up as a special deal through Provet. It’s a vast improvement over my old loupes and I now use them with every single surgery.

What’s good about it

The magnifiers are available in a number of diopter strengths but I purchased two and four diopter lenses. Generally, I use the 2X magnifier which is slightly more than I need for reading glasses. The lenses provide a normal field of vision with magnification, making it very easy to undertake fine detail surgeries. The four diopter lenses are perfect for corneal surgery.

The headlight has a charger and four batteries. One battery is worn over each ear but they are so light, you don’t even notice you’re wearing them. The headlight will last for six to eight hours before the batteries need to be swapped. The light is clear and even, illuminating the surgery site beautifully.

The whole set-up is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t put any strain on the neck, head or nose. In all honesty, I can’t imagine doing surgery without this headlight and lenses.

What’s not so good

I have found this set-up to be absolutely wonderful but it’s very expensive to purchase.

Where did you get it



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