Tools of the trade: Megadyne Megapower electrosurgical unit


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electrocautery unit

by Dr Jaime Olsen, Vogue Vets & Wellness Centre, Perth, WA

This is a simple electrocautery unit that has monopolar and bipolar functions. It can be used with a grounding plate and a handpiece to do targeted cautery or it can be used with forceps for really fine work.

What’s good about it

It’s fantastic that it has both functions and they can be run with buttons on the handpiece or with a foot pedal. I’ve used a lot of different cautery units over the course of my career but this one is my favourite. Many of them are quite complex, but this one has a clear interface, is easy to use and easy to customise.

I use it for just about anything that’s not a spay or a castration. It works well for lumpectomies, orthopaedics and exploratory laparotomies. If a clinic invests in an electrosurgery unit then they can undertake procedures that can’t be done without a unit, such as juvenile pubic symphysiodesis. It’s an effective tool for treating hip dysplasia in puppies. It’s a worthwhile investment, for sure. 

The big advantage of this unit is that there’s much less haemorrhage and it saves a lot of time. During surgery, it stops all the little bleeders so you’re not using lots of clamps or tying off every little thing. It creates a beautiful, clear surgical field quickly and effectively. Healing is beautiful after surgery and there are fewer oozing post-op wounds. It’s one of my favourite pieces of kit in the clinic.

What’s not so good

This model doesn’t have an extraction unit to take away the smoke. During use, it has a bit of a smell that can be confronting for some people.

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