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non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for pets

by Dr Rupert Trembath, Katherine Vet Care, NT

Our clinic, situated in Katherine, Northern Territory, is a mixed practice dealing with all species and providing veterinary services to remote and rural locations throughout northern Australia. Metacam 40 is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication that also provides a good level of analgesia. Currently, we use Metacam 40 when speying heifers and cows. We are also seeing more cattle stations adopt the use of Metacam 40 when branding and castrating weaners.

What’s good about it

Metacam 40 provides a high level of analgesia. When administered subcutaneously, its effects can be appreciated within 15 minutes of administration. Our veterinarians who use the product when speying notice that cattle return to displaying natural behaviours sooner than those that do not receive Metacam 40. They start eating sooner, appear more comfortable, and their stress levels are reduced. When they are walked out into their paddock the following morning, they’re much more comfortable.

Cattle station managers and stock camps have given great feedback on the product when it’s used for branding, dehorning and castrating younger stock. Once again, they have noticed that cattle return to feed sooner, are more comfortable when being walked out and spend less time isolating themselves from the herd.

The product provides pain relief for 24 to 48 hours, it’s easily administered, and the higher concentration of 40mg/ml means smaller doses are required—which is very handy when injecting cattle in a crush.

What’s not so good

To be a little picky, I’d suggest that the product be made available in larger plastic bottles of 250ml rather than 100ml glass bottles. It can appear costly for the client, so some persuading is required. Sometimes, supply can be a little slow but it has a long shelf life so we tend to order a generous amount.

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