Tools of the trade: Mouth Gag Set


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mouth gag set

by Dr Anna Abdala, Animal Options Vet Clinic, Ormeau, QLD

This product contains five different sized pieces that form a gag set. Each piece is shaped like a tube that can be screwed out to make it longer. We use them to hold open the mouths of dogs when we’re doing a dental. Care must be taken when gagging a dog as there’s evidence that it can cause disruption to the nerves and blood vessels in the mouth if the gag is used incorrectly.

What’s good about it

As each of these gags are adjustable, they can be fitted perfectly no matter what the size of the dog. They are simply placed against a top and bottom tooth to keep the mouth open. Having a range of different sizes from which to choose is very convenient as it allows you to position a gag that’s most comfortable for the dog.

I’ve done dentals on dogs ranging from very large to quite small, and these gags work well in all circumstances. They don’t get in the way and have a small footprint compared to other gags. You just position it on the opposite side of the mouth from where you’re working.

These gags are reusable; they just need to be disinfected but not autoclaved. They come in a small plastic box which is handy to keep all the pieces together.

I use these gags with every dental. It’s great to have a proper tool designed for purpose that’s not going to compromise the patient. 

What’s not so good

They are only available in the colour white so they blend with everything else when you’re cleaning up. It’s all too easy for them to end up in the bin after a dental.

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