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by Michelle Besnard VN, Bribie Island Veterinary Clinic, QLD

The Niki V4 is a fluid pump used to administer correct and very specific doses of fluids or constant rate infusions of medications into a patient intravenously.

What’s good about it

One of the main reasons we use this pump is if an animal is dehydrated and needs rehydration fluid. If a patient requires changes to electrolytes, we’re able to do that with this pump. It’s also useful when we need to dispense a constant rate infusion of pain relief to a patient. While most of our anaesthesia is supplied by gas rather than intravenous line, this unit could be utilised for that if needed.

The screen is clear and easy to read. It displays how many millilitres per hour is being administered. There is also a flashing bar that indicates the unit is running as selected. If it stops running for any reason, it will provide an alert and list the problem, often air in the line or a kinked line. It will also set off an alarm once a fluid bag is empty.

The unit is battery-operated but can be run when it’s plugged into a power point. The ability to run it free off mains power means it’s very portable. It can be positioned anywhere around the clinic. We often attach it to the front of a cage when a patient needs fluid post-surgery.

What’s not so good

It sometimes reports an error in the line when there is none. Even though it’s a bit frustrating, it’s better to be alerted and not have an error rather than not be alerted and have an error. When it happens, we remove the line, flush it out and restart. The unit has a noise control so the volume can be lowered when a patient is in hospital overnight. It doesn’t automatically reset to normal volume; you have to remember to turn it up in the morning.

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