Tools of the trade: NT3C-V multiparameter patient monitor

patient monitor

by Dr Balazs Lovrecz, Seymour Central Vets, VIC

Traditionally, here at the clinic, the vets and nurses monitor an animal while it’s under anaesthesia. This machine supplies quick and clear additional information that provides us with a more detailed assessment of the animal while it’s under anaesthetic.

What’s good about it

The screen is nice and large. You can easily select programs to set off visual and audio warnings for particular parameters specific to our patients. The monitor provides continual information and can alert us to any potential issues. This gives the team additional time to act proactively—as opposed to reactively—and resolve situations.

The monitor measures a range of parameters such as ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2 and temperature. It has a Capnograph to read EtCO2 and respiration rate. It also comes with a selection of different-sized cuffs.

Having immediate access to all this information gives a more accurate representation of the condition of the animal under anaesthesia. It has improved the anaesthetic depth fantastically and we are able to recover our patients sooner. It certainly allows you to tweak things before serious issues arise.

What’s not so good

It’s not 100 per cent foolproof. In some instances, misleading readings can occur so you can never become too reliant on any machine. Our own senses and intuition must always be our number one reference when clinically assessing the patient’s status. 

We found the direct translation from the original language difficult to decipher but with some perseverance and the machine’s simplicity, we were able to overcome any translational difficulties.

Where did you get it

Biovet Australia

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