Tools of the trade: Opal-VET DR x-ray system with a MARS 1417V wireless digital panel detector

wireless X-ray

by Dr Tom Hawthorn, Sutherland Veterinary Clinic, NSW

Our previous X-ray system was a CR system using a digital cassette that had to be put into a processor to create a readable image. This new system has taken out that whole processing step.

What’s good about it

The Opal-VET X-ray system uses a wireless digital plate that makes everything very easy. The animal is positioned in front of the plate, the X-ray is taken and the image gets transferred straight to the computer monitor for editing. It’s fast, efficient and simple. As soon as one X-ray has been taken, another can be taken within seconds. The image quality is excellent, much better than CR systems and comparable to other DR units I have used. Previously, we would take an X-ray, put it through the processor, wait a couple of minutes and then see the image. If it wasn’t aligned properly, the whole process would start again. Now we can take an X-ray and if it’s not quite right, immediately take another one. It’s much faster to take a whole series of X-rays with this unit.

Another nice thing about this system is that we are still using our original X-ray emitter. The new system integrated with what we have. The sensor plate contains a rechargeable battery so it can be placed in any position. 

What’s not so good

Initially, it took a little while to adjust the factors to achieve the best image. It was all a bit different to what we had used in the past. The battery life of the sensor isn’t great but it’s more than enough to take a series of X-rays.

Where did you get it

X Ray Supplies


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