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smart phone video otoscope

by Dr Catherine Fitzgerald, Rochedale Vet, QLD

The Otoclip is a very handy little device that turns your smartphone into a video otoscope. 

What’s good about it

While a standard otoscope is a very effective tool, it can be difficult to get clients to look through it. Often, it’s pointless as it’s difficult for them to see what’s happening. The Otoclip is a neat little alternative to purchasing an expensive video otoscope. It’s not nearly as functional but it works very well. An attachment just clips over the camera on your phone and you’re ready to go. It works with a wide variety of smartphones.

Once it’s set up, you turn on the flash on your phone, then set the phone to video operation, which makes the light stay on continually. The phone then records what’s happening in the ear canal. While normal otoscopes usually have built-in magnification, the Otoclip allows you to zoom in using the phone screen while filming or while watching recorded footage. You can also play it back to the client without needing to get their face anywhere near the head of the dog. 

The Otoclip was designed and invented by a vet who lives in Brisbane. It’s a very ingenious little device.

What’s not so good

It takes a little bit of experimenting to line everything up. The light source needs be aimed straight down the attachment and the camera needs to also be aligned correctly. I’m thinking of drawing a little mark on my phone so I can line it up straight away. You also need to clean your phone regularly because it’s in close proximity to infected ears.

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