Tools of the trade: Perfusor Space

syringe driver

by Jess Fox VN, North Hobart Veterinary Hospital, TAS

The Perfusor Space is a syringe driver that delivers medications and drugs at a constant rate. It’s small, light and very easy to use.

What’s good about it

We got this with the optional extra library of over 1200 drugs and provides the mg/mL strength. You can set the patient weight and the milligram strength and the unit will set the millilitres automatically. 

We use it during surgery and for constant rate infusion medications like opioids and pain relief. The medication is loaded into a syringe and then placed in the Perfusor Space. It delivers a constant rate of infusion intravenously through a fluid line. It’s very easy to set the speed and rate of the infusion for each particular medication.

The unit recognises the brand and size of the syringe that’s being used. It can be used with syringes that range from 2ml to 50ml. The Perfusor Space is battery-powered and can run all day if required. It just needs to be recharged every 24 hours. There’s an alarm for a two-minute warning and it will also set off an alarm if there is an occlusion.

The Perfusor Space can also attach to the Braun fluid pump which is very handy. We’ve been really happy with this unit.

What’s not so good

It takes more time to set up than a manual controlled-rate infusion, purely because there’s more technology involved. Even though it will automatically provide all the calculations, I always give it a quick double-check as all technology has the potential to fail.

Where did you get it

Sound Veterinary Equipment


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