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2nd generation PetMAP

by Dr John Roberts, Long Jetty Veterinary Clinic, NSW

petMAP+II is a cordless, hands-free monitor for measuring blood pressure. We use it during all our surgeries and for hypothyroid cats, heart cases, kidney disease cases and diabetic animals.

What’s good about it

It comes with a set of different sized cuffs that makes it suitable for use with a wide variety of animals. It works well whether the cuff is attached to a front leg, back leg, or on the tail. It also monitors pulse and heart rate. 

Our nurses love it because it’s such a streamlined and efficient unit. It has a rubber protective coating and is cordless and rechargeable. It can be set for cycles of different lengths. During surgery we usually set it for one-minute cycles. We position the unit next to the anaesthetic monitor and the results are easy to read and also display a trend. It gives an accurate idea of what the blood pressure’s doing over time, as well as displaying the spot blood pressure.

Alarms can be set if readings fall outside specific parameters, or if a cuff comes off, or if you forget to turn it off when the surgery is completed. I’ve used it with a large variety of dogs and cats and the results are very reliable.

I had a vet visiting recently who’s using the old model of petMap at her practice. Once she saw what my newer model could do, she told me she was going to upgrade as soon as possible.

What’s not so good

The battery life isn’t great. I don’t know if it’s just my unit but it needs to be constantly recharged after use.

Where did you get it

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