Tools of the trade: Philips IU22 xMatrix ultrasound

high-end ultrasound

by Dr Mark Booth, Kiama Veterinary Hospital, NSW

This is a high-end ultrasound unit that’s commonly used in human ultrasonography practices. The image quality is great and it comes with a multitude of probe options.

What’s good about it

We most frequently use it for reproductive work, abdominal ultrasonography and guided biopsies. The results can be easily emailed to clients, other staff members and to specialists. If the client is present, we’re happy to let them watch the ultrasound.

It’s a simple matter to save all the images so when the client returns to pick up their pet, they can have a look at the results. It’s a nice way to show them value in the procedure they are paying for.

Even though it’s designed for human use, the principle is all the same. Compared to some other veterinary units I’ve used, the image quality and depth is far superior.

We’re a small, three-vet, mixed practice but we probably use this machine at least twice a day. It even makes simple things, like a cystocentesis on a bladder, much easier. It’s also used regularly to scan abdomens for foreign bodies and tumours. If we’re draining a chest with a pleural effusion, we’ll ultrasound to assist in draining the fluid and to scan the lungs for cancers.

It’s a relatively expensive machine to buy but the quality’s there. If you’re using it regularly, it’ll pay for itself.

What’s not so good

The only difficulty is the cost of probes. We don’t have a specific cardiac probe simply because they are too expensive to purchase.

Where did you get it

We purchased the machine second hand but new models are available from Phillips Australia

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