Tools of the trade: Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook app


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veterinary drug handbook app

by Dr Mark Gates, Aldgate Veterinary Clinic, SA

This is a convenient resource I always keep handy. I have my phone in my pocket when I’m consulting, and if I need to look up a drug dosage or a drug interaction, I can do so.

What’s good about it

It allows me to quickly work out a dose and check if there are any adverse interactions with other medications. Sometimes clients want to know the side effects of a particular medication, which is something you don’t always have in your head. It’s handy to be able to flick it open and answer immediately.

The information is presented clearly and is easy to navigate around. The home page has a search bar where you type in the name of the drug or the brand name. You can then go into the full write-up or straight to the dosage page.

I tend to use it on my phone but the results can also be brought up on a computer screen. It’s a subscription service that’s paid annually. The price is very reasonable for something I use so frequently.

It’s just a good tool with accurate information. It’s great for new graduates because when you’re starting out, it can be difficult to remember all those dose rates and drug interactions.

What’s not so good

The price of the subscription service may be a negative to some as it’s an ongoing cost. The advantage is that the information in the app is constantly updated.

Where did you get it or download from the App store.


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