Tools of the trade: Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs App

veterinary drugs app

by Dr Danielle Robert, Collie Veterinary Services, WA

While this information comes in a physical textbook, I decided to subscribe to the app. I didn’t want a heavy book to lug around when all the information can be accessed on your phone. I encourage every new vet at our practice to download the app because I know they’re going to find it very helpful.

What’s good about it

It lists pretty much every drug on the market for veterinary use. It also has information on what the drug does, dose rates for different species, contra-indications and drug interactions. If you have a dog on one med and you want to start another, this app will tell you if they will interact or not. It’s very handy as it covers most animals, including dogs, horses, cats, rabbits, pigs and sheep.

We’re a mixed practice but I predominantly do small animal work. However, the app comes in very handy when I’m on the road treating large animals.

It’s very convenient having the app on your phone and it can also be accessed on a computer, tablet or any device. The information is regularly and automatically updated. The subscription is paid yearly and it’s relatively cheap—about the same price as the textbook. The advantage of the app is that the regular updates means you always have the latest information.

What’s not so good

In some minor regards, it can be a bit limited. Some of the drugs listed will only relate to a certain number of species. If I’m treating an unusual species, like an alpaca, it may not be listed. 

Where did you get it

I purchased it as an Android app but it’s also available at the iTunes App store.


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