Tools of the trade: Poloxamer gel for ear infections


Kolodina3_PPReview by Dr Anna Kolodina, Glen Osmond Veterinary Clinic, Fullarton, SA

When dealing with dogs that have ear infections, the owner often has to apply ear drops twice a day for an extended period of time. Once a dog realises what’s happening, it won’t let its owner get anywhere near its ears. It can make treatment extremely difficult.

What’s good about it This product is a thermo-reversible gel which can be compounded to include a number of active ingredients. Once it’s applied in the ear, it lasts for seven days. There’s no need for pet owners to continually apply ear drops. We’ve only just started using this product but the feedback from clients has been very positive and the ear infections have all cleared up nicely. The gel can be used on a wide range of conditions. Once we have had a look at an ear smear under the microscope and identified the type of yeast or bacterial infection, we can prescribe a treatment specific to that condition. We inform HPS Compounding of which medication we require and they produce it in the form of a gel. The gel is usually supplied the next day. Very rarely a dog may need some sedation to place the syringe in its ear. However, as it only requires one application, most dogs take it very well. The gel slowly releases the medication in the ear canal and is fully absorbed. Occasionally, there’s a little bit of dry debris that we need to clean out. I love this system. It’s easy to apply, it’s effective and it eliminates the need for dog owners to place drops in the ears of an often uncooperative pet.

What’s not so good Sometimes, when I want specific medications compounded, they don’t have them on hand. In those cases I have to play around with the drugs that are available. I usually find a solution.

Where did you get it HPS Compounding (

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