Tools of the trade: Port-X IV portable dental X-ray


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portable digital X-ray unit

by Mikayla Koina VN, High Street Vet Surgery, North Rockhampton, QLD

The Port-X IV provides crucial diagnostic pathology information for diagnosis of underlying problems. When undertaking a dental, it allows us to see under the gum line so we can identify and treat any issues.

What’s good about it

This machine is a handheld portable device that is lightweight and takes up little space. It’s easy to move around which enables optimum positional accuracy for our patients. Whether it’s a small feline or a very large canine, the program that’s used with this device is extremely fast. The functionality of the unit and the clarity of the images are phenomenal.

A small plate is placed in the animal’s mouth and an X-ray is taken with the handheld device. The plate is then run through a processor and the results transferred to a computer. The plates can be used multiple times. It takes no more than 20 seconds for the image to appear on the computer screen.

If the image isn’t ideal, another one can be taken straight away. Our previous machine was on a stand and that made it difficult to position the generator, the plate and the patient.

Veterinarians and vet nurses must go through a qualification process and pay for a radiation licence. Anyone using the machine wears a fully full lead-lined gown with a thyroid cover. Any other personnel must be at least two metres away from the machine during operation.

What’s not so good

It’s an expensive purchase for a small clinic and there are a few extra costs if a clinic decides to get one. They need to pay for a radiation certificate and possession licence, as well as the training for vets and nurses on how to use the machine.

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