Tools of the trade: RAD-X DR CX1A 701G Wireless Flat Panel System

wireless X-ray imaging system

by Dr John Thirlwell, Belrose Veterinary Hospital, NSW

This X-ray imaging system consists of a Canon wireless DR radiography panel and a Dell console PC with touchscreen capabilities. 

What’s good about it

Our old CR system produced images of fairly average quality. When it suddenly stopped working, I wanted a system that could be used with our existing mobile generator. Radincon came out to the practice so we could trial this system and the results were amazing. It produced some of the best X-ray images I’ve seen. The high quality is largely due to the software I was sold. Now we’re taking more X-rays than ever.

A big advantage of a DR system over a CR system is that the processing time is much faster. A CR system requires the plate to be placed in a processor so it can be read and the image transferred to a computer screen. This can take a good couple of minutes. With a DR system the images appear on the screen in a couple of seconds.

The plate is wireless and battery powered. It comes with two rechargeable batteries that last for ages. The wireless connection is faultless and the images show very fine detail. We use it for pretty much everything except dental X-rays. It works beautifully with wildlife.

Over the years, I’ve purchased a lot of veterinary equipment that adequately does the job. This DR system has greatly exceeded my expectations—every time I use it, I’m happy with it.

What’s not so good

It’s not cheap to purchase but it’s a fairly robust piece of equipment. It would probably survive being dropped but I would prefer not to experience that. If someone was to break it, that would be soul destroying.

Where did you get it



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